Workplace wellbeing has been lying to you

A very quick thought on workplace wellbeing. The below was shared on linkedIn by Lee Chambers, and makes a good point about not falling into the trap of creating a ‘wellbeing veneer’. The comments on Lee’s post are worth a skim too – if you have some time.

Workplace wellbeing has been lying to you.

They told you it starts with:

  • Mental health first aiders
  • Motivational workshops
  • Gym passes and exercise classes
  • Funky breakout spaces
  • A trendily named EAP
  • The latest tech gadget
  • Fruit platters and vegan options

It’s easy to sell this. External solutions, adding that wellbeing veneer.

But too many companies are falling into the “tick box trap”.

In my opinion, workplace wellbeing starts with:

  • Realistic workloads
  • Clarity of role, responsibilities and boundaries
  • Feelings of value and appreciation
  • Lived vision, values and purpose
  • Capable leadership and management
  • Concise and comprehensible communication

It’s not always fun to lift the hood up and see what lying beneath, but it’s much better than throwing money at solutions before you’ve even considered how you can make a difference and start building wellbeing strategically.

Nobody wants to waste their money on wellbeing. Don’t be taken in by trends, certificates and solutions, until you’ve looked strategically at where you are and what you need.



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