Re-recruiting your team – tips on how to reward and retain your employees

We spend a lot of time and effort recruiting in business, but recruitment efforts are worthless if your company is a revolving door for employees. Once you make great hires, it’s more important than ever to keep showing those individuals why they should want to work at your company. You need to keep winning them over. The […]

Lego and an exercise in productivity (and a giveaway)

I did some work with Lego in the past. In meeting rooms, they had bowls of bricks, and everyone was encouraged to play with them throughout (the team claimed it encouraged more creative thinking). This memory has always stuck with me, and yet I’ve never returned to it with much deliberate action or intention. Then, […]

Grid of emotions – plotting a route to honest conversation

We should all be aware by now of how incredibly powerful clear, simple systems can be. This is never more true that when you’re preparing to spend more than 70 days alone on the Arctic Ocean’s floating pack ice, in pursuit of becoming the youngest person in history to ski solo to the North Pole. […]

Watch: Make Rules Not Decisions – A Life Hack

People don’t argue with rules. Decisions are hard and there’s a reason people do things to limit the decisions they make each day. They wear the same clothes, have the same thing for breakfast, drink the same type of coffee, and so on. After a long day of work, making dinner, and taking care of […]

21 best productivity apps of 2021

This excellent list of 2021’s best productivity apps from FastCompany is a perfect way to start organising your digital life.I’ve already started utilising some of them, including listening to web articles and starting to try and change some of my own articles here on the PlayBook into read aloud options. Great apps like the ones […]


The story of the Manchester Shoe Company, told by Benjamin Zander in his book The Art of Possibility, neatly encapsulates the power of reframing and the significance of a positive mind-set. In the early 1900s, inspired by a desire to enter a faraway market, two traveling salesmen were sent as a beachhead into the region. […]

Direct isn’t dirty. And six other tips for requesting referrals

I’ve spoken before about the potential for referrals to be a golden ticket for agencies. That said, there are still feelings of awkwardness and appearing either desperate or pushy when it comes to asking for, or discussing, the potential for referrals. This article from The Future Factory was worth sharing because it makes some great […]

Be an outbox, not an inbox

This simple step change in how you deliver information might just help you to win your next pitch. Quick question… Hands up if a decent proportion of your pitching process is (in one way or another) an exhaustive list of all the things you’re planning to do for your potential client? I’d be surprised if […]

What shall I charge? A simple model to gauge price sensitivity

Regardless of what we tell ourselves, we tend to price our products and services by benchmarking them against what we currently offer or have always charged. There are easy assumptions to be made on what a client ‘would think is too expensive’, or likewise, ‘too cheap’. But have you ever actually asked? How much do […]