You might be able to find the support you need immediately in the etc Playbook section.
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Advice & Support

Growth Advisory

The core growth service from etc. Working closely with the founder and leadership team on both a weekly & monthly basis to drive rapid and permanent improvements in focus, processes and results.

Growth advisory builds on clarity around your vision, plans and proposition. It then layers in best practice for leadership, new business, client experience, talent and operations. While we’re building out these core competencies, I’ll be working closely with you to give you the objectivity, experience and encouragement you’ll need to lead this change.

12×12 Growth Accelerator

A 12 month 12 phase programme to get the foundations in place and accelerate business growth.

Stripping back etc Growth Advisory service to a high-impact, high intensity one year programme principally designed for businesses who feel they can cope with rapid change. The 12 critical change activities are broken into three phases: foundation, implementation and adoption. At the end of 12×12 you will have a robust business that can handle the next phase of growth.

Two Heads

Working directly with a business owner on a fortnightly basis.

Two heads is dedicated support for founders, focusing on mentoring, coaching, challenging and support.

Non-Executive Director

Acting as a NED to bring experience and energy to board meetings.

Some businesses just want monthly support in their board meeting. I bring 25 years of board and agency experience to your team, along with a deep understanding of the issues faced by businesses right now, and critically what they are doing to solve their challenges.

etc On Tap

Advice and support only when you need some instant input.

On Tap includes coaching and mentoring as well as problem solving, idea generation, general support and sense checking. On Tap is included for Growth Advisory, 12×12 and Two Heads clients.

Agency Leaders Surgery

Free one hour session for agency leaders who haven’t worked with me before. Book a session here

Coaching, Training & Skills

etc Academy

Providing leaders and senior teams with the essentials skills required to grow a business in the form of training programmes, courses, workshops and coaching. Some of these are direct one-to-one, in groups or video based programmes.

etc Events

We run a programme of events for clients and for the wider leadership community. See our current events here.

etc Playbook

Is our ever growing resource for small business leaders.

Rambling On

etc’s weekly round-up of articles designed to inform, challenge and stimulate business leaders.

Rambling On Goes Wild

Our two day unplugged walking and talking session on the hills of Dorset

etc Diagnostic

A tool designed to help agency leaders identify areas of strength and areas to develop within their business.

I don’t think we should be working together if you aren’t convinced you’re getting value for money. That’s why I never ask clients to sign long retainer agreements. When we start working together we’ll agree what success looks like between us and we’ll commit to giving each other honest and open feedback on a regular basis.

Agency Founders Surgery - free 1 to 1.

If you have something on your mind, a challenge you’re wrestling with or just want an alternative point of view, I’d be very happy to lend an ear and maybe help you start to unpick the issues.