Watch: Make Rules Not Decisions – A Life Hack

People don’t argue with rules. Decisions are hard and there’s a reason people do things to limit the decisions they make each day. They wear the same clothes, have the same thing for breakfast, drink the same type of coffee, and so on. After a long day of work, making dinner, and taking care of […]

The currency of kindness

Recently, during a growth planning workshop, a client team challenged me to re-engineer my well-proven approach to thinking about business worth. They wanted to attribute a value to “doing good” in their planning. They wanted to find a way to quantify kindness. [Spoiler: we haven’t succeeded yet – but we are actively working on it]. […]

7 behaviours that can transform your life

I sometimes wonder about sharing articles like this because at first glance it appears to have nothing to do with business (and might also seem a little ‘heard it all before’). But as a coach, I know that learning how to be your most authentic self transforms not just your personal life, but the way […]

The Truth About Happiness

Happiness is a myth — at least if you look at it the way most people do. Most people see happiness as something they can have under certain conditions, for example: Having lots of friends Living in a beautiful place Getting recognized for accomplishments Whatever they’re chasing, they’re constantly running on a script that goes, […]

Just how biased really are you? Take these Harvard tests to find out

Be aware of the analogy around unconscious bias; Just because you know about it, doesn’t mean you are free from it. A really interesting and free way to check how biased you are is to take the Harvard Implicit Association Tests.  The Implicit Association Test (IAT) measures attitudes and beliefs that people may be unwilling […]

“I don’t like those trousers on you” – a lesson in reframing

Here’s an exercise for you. If someone says to you, “I don’t like those trousers on you”. What might they mean? Stop reading now and have a think. Jot down as many meanings as you can on a sheet of paper. I’ve shared some of my thoughts at the end of the article. This short […]

KitKat has a point.

The 31st March marks a quarter of the way through the year. How many of you have taken holiday days so far? I’d guess not many. I too am guilty. Why take a break so soon after Christmas? Except Christmas was almost three months ago. Why take time off when there are few, if any, […]

Wintering – rewriting the narrative on dark, cold months

You may remember my recent video referencing a client of mine and how their creativity was sparked to write children’s stories when they were relaxed and well rested. After advocating in the last Rambling On and previous articles about the importance of remembering to revive and restore continuously – not just during ‘holiday’ time – […]

The most expensive way to pay for anything is with time

When Brian Norgard, Entrepreneur and Ex-CPO of Tinder tweeted ‘The most expensive way to pay for anything is with time’ the response was far-reaching. 896 retweets, over 3,000 likes and a barrage of comments. Perhaps it was the very fact the statement was left so open for interpretation that made the provoking counterresponses all the […]