Who’s on your personal board? 

Everyone needs a team of people, a personal board who can provide support throughout their life. These are the people you can call when faced with day-to-day decisions, crossroads and challenges, or just to lend an ear. 

You might ask for their insight or ideas, their point of view of feedback and encouragement. The members of your personal board don’t necessarily know they’re on your board and you don’t necessarily call all of them every time you need their advice. However, having a personal board can be critical to your success and your mental wellbeing. 

How should you go about choosing who is on your board? They might be people who:

  • Listen and inspire 
  • Have time for you
  • Provide mutual respect
  • Are open and honest 
  • Ask questions that make you think
  • Are genuinely interested in seeing you succeed 

There’s something incredibly comforting about identifying these people and the role they play in your life. 

So, who’s on your board? 



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