A rally to arms – take on an apprentice (and how to do it)

Some of my articles are deliberately written with the intention to cause action, and this is one of them. I’ll try to write it without sounding too earnest but in short, I can’t find a single reason why agency leaders aren’t applying to take on apprentices right now. For the last few weeks, I’ve been […]

Mind the (L&D) Gap. What’s the secret for successfully upskilling your team?

Learning and development. If there was ever a name for something that is earmarked as ‘important, not urgent’, then this surely must be it? That’s not to say most business leaders and founders don’t see it as valuable, because they almost certainly do. I would say 100% of agencies I’ve worked for and with have […]

Just how biased really are you? Take these Harvard tests to find out

Be aware of the analogy around unconscious bias; Just because you know about it, doesn’t mean you are free from it. A really interesting and free way to check how biased you are is to take the Harvard Implicit Association Tests.  The Implicit Association Test (IAT) measures attitudes and beliefs that people may be unwilling […]

Know Your Reds – How to Avoid ‘Crazy Busy’ and Triage Your To Do list

  I wanted to share this video – a TED Talk from Emergency Room Doctor Darria Long – that will make you rethink the way you behave about prioritisation and stress forevermore. So often I find myself speaking with ’crazy busy’ (and stressed) clients about how to use triage as a way to assess the […]

8 Top Tips for Creating Great Videos When You’re Not in a Studio

We spoke to George Owen, Founder of ITCH – an agency that creates compelling stories through film, animation and photography – to discover his tips for creating impactful videos and presentations when you’re working from home or unable to get into a studio. Be gone mundane talking heads. Whether you’re contemplating designing a company-wide preso […]

Kill Your Meetings.

A recent post from Robin Skidmore of Journey Further on LinkedIn got me to thinking about meetings. His post, which talked about how meetings kill productivity and meetings on Zoom kill morale was an interesting thought. True? Not true? His follow up point on how his own team had chosen to tackle this possible truth […]