Personal Responsibility vs Leadership Responsibility

“It’s not my responsibility”

I spotted a graphic on LinkedIn recently which talked about personal responsibility (it was similar to the first image below). It’s premise was around healthy boundary setting. The problem was that the creator of the graphic had posted it into a LinkedIn group around leadership, and I couldn’t help feel like in that a leadership context it was unhelpful and open to lots on interpretation.

Because personal responsibility – as I see it at least – is quite different to leadership responsibility.

An example might be that when looking at personal responsibility, other people’s mistakes would not be seen as something you should take any responsibility for, but in terms of leadership responsibility, there must be awareness and a responsibility to understand those mistakes, and to listen, relate, hold to account and help navigate past them.

I’ve tried to summarise some of the aspects of leadership responsibility on the second image, and how those responsibilities relate back to areas of personal responsibility.

I hope it’s helpful in some way.



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