LinkedIn – the blurred boundaries between professional and personal

LinkedIn is my main social network – I’m on Twitter, I tried Instagram (then left after realising that I too was susceptible to the odd mindless scroll – god those guys are good) and I have a decent grasp of what else is out there, but professionally – and personally – it’s the channel I […]

How to answer the question, not simply accept the answer

Ever received an unexpected piece of news from a client and thought ‘what the hell?’. This article is a reminder that often, when a client brings you a piece of information, they are often in fact bringing you an answer to a question rather than a question itself. And unless you get to the root, […]

Lego and an exercise in productivity (and a giveaway)

I did some work with Lego in the past. In meeting rooms, they had bowls of bricks, and everyone was encouraged to play with them throughout (the team claimed it encouraged more creative thinking). This memory has always stuck with me, and yet I’ve never returned to it with much deliberate action or intention. Then, […]

The financial year does not exist

This article is a simple reminder about the artificial and arbitrary deadlines we all set ourselves as business leaders and founders. This musing came about following a regular catch up with one of my clients. This client had – it’s fair to say – had an absolute belter of a year in 2020, bolstered by an […]

Amy’s Advice to Andy

This week, one of my lead articles got pushed back a week and was replaced by this piece. A gentle but important reminder that you should take a moment to take the foot off the pedal when your energy is low. For the last week or so, I’ve been undertaking a seemingly trivial activity, using […]

Watch: Make Rules Not Decisions – A Life Hack

People don’t argue with rules. Decisions are hard and there’s a reason people do things to limit the decisions they make each day. They wear the same clothes, have the same thing for breakfast, drink the same type of coffee, and so on. After a long day of work, making dinner, and taking care of […]

TikTok – a force for good?

If TikTok were a person, they would almost certainly be the individual who spent too much time in the headmaster’s office being reprimanded. The ads, the underage users, the content, the privacy breaches, the cyber cruelty and the possible Chinese spying… it’s fair to say that the ByteDance-owned app has (and continues to have) its […]

Just four hours. Do not ‘maximise your time’ or ‘optimise your day’

There’s not a lot I don’t love about this article by Oliver Burkeman. A few spoilers (but please read the full article, it’s worthy of serious consideration): Give up demanding more of yourself than three or four hours of daily high-quality mental work Do not ‘maximise your time’ or ‘optimise your day’ – instead, specifically ringfence […]