Watch: Life fright – living with high functioning anxiety

An enlightening TedX talk from a comedian and performer, Jordan Raskopolous about the dichotomy between being supremely confident in one area of life and cripplingly anxious in another. 

I wanted to share this as a reminder that ‘ShyLoud’ is a real thing, to highlight this specific anxiety disorder to anyone who might find themselves resonating, and for any business leaders or managers who might spot their own team in Jordan’s description. 

High achievement and ‘shyloud’ go hand in hand, with a level of anxiety and worry making these introvert/extroverts seem both highly capable and utterly unreachable. The devastating combination of perfectionism and worry.  

The Paradox of the Shyloud. The presumption that someone is outgoing, fun, loud and competent because they appear that way in one area of their life, then when faced with a different situation they are incredibly anxious, unable to make eye contact, make conversation and ask few questions. As a result they are often labelled ‘aloof’, ‘rude’, ‘unreliable’ and ‘lazy’. 

Jordan explains that it is in fact the opposite – that caring too much about the thoughts and opinions of other means it is impossible to relax or to get anything done.  

A talk many will relate to and one that offers strategies for dealing with it.




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