Turns out we didn’t like ASOS buying Topshop After All

When Topshop was acquired by ASOS, word from the fashion ecomms PR team was that this was GREAT news. But according to insight agency Freemavens, all was not as rosy as we were being led to believe. On a post shared on LinkedIn, Freemavens shared the social conversations on Twitter prior to, during and after […]

Watch: How to have Successful Client Conversations

How to have successful client conversations

I’ve always been an advocate for speaking to your clients, and at the end of 2020, I took my own advice and conducted some of my own interviews with my handful of etc clients. The responses were insightful, humbling and gave me real clarity about understanding where my value lies and the potential scope of […]

Culture Speaks Quietly – A Story

A lovely story from the Founder of Huit Denim, David Hieatt. As a kid, my dad told me about the companies he had worked for as an electrician in the Merchant Navy. There was only one he loved. He told me stories about them that made them stand out. Like after a long flight, they […]

The fact is, you’re always negotiating (even when you think you’re not)

Real agency problems and solutions Ever found yourself wanting to charge more for a job but feeling you can’t because you’re dealing with a new client or opportunity? A client – let’s call him Adam – called me to chew over an issue. He had a new prospect, who worked for a brand within a […]