The Light of Life

The below article which I found on Astrobiology is potentially mind-blowing. The development of an instrument that recognises living matter from a distance of 2 kilometers and at a velocity of 70 kph. I’ll let you deep dive into it, but at its core, the development of this new elaborate device could be useful on […]

Adding customer value in a time of pandemic

This article is based on an email I received from the Promising Outcomes team at the beginning of the year. It elicited a couple of thoughts and feelings and I enjoyed the under current of hope and opportunity for businesses who innovate their way through the pandemic. The email also imparted some a really great […]

Everyday experiments. Cool and creative ways to shoot using just your iPhone

Creatives amongst you will love this, and it’s well worth a forward to members of your team. The Everyday Experiments duo show how to capture incredible footage using just an iPhone 12. Balloons + Slo-mo, Oil + Water + Macro and Glow-sticks + Night mode. If you’ve got an iPhone12, there’s not a chance you […]

Zebras. Redefining the Success of Startups

‘The message for legacy companies is clear: You must self-disrupt or gobble up your disruptors, or else face obsolescence at the hands of nimble start ups with access to more capital than ever before.” – Entrepreneur The subsequent message to startups? If you want our cash, consider profit and growth,  consider it above everything else […]

The Importance of Quality of Mind to Enable Leaders to Shift Mindset

A couple of months ago I was delighted to sit down (albeit at our respective computers) and have an excellent discussion with Martin Palethorpe from Unbounded. Martin has spent the last five or six years focussing on working with people to teach them about the power and capabilities of their mind, enabling them to shift […]

My mind has gone blank

It's good to let your mind go blank

Years ago, when I was still a planner, I worked with a brilliant Creative Director called Sedge… He consistently nailed the brief and produced exciting work that made my job easy. I’d share his ideas with my clients and take as much reflected glory as I could. He was also the only creative in the […]