Watch: Caroline Hunt from Emerald Starfish on the benefits of using an outsourced recruitment department

Caroline Hunt runs Emerald Starfish, a recruitment company with a difference.

Caroline and I came across each other due to the ongoing problem almost all service businesses are having with recruiting talent. In the past I’ve talked extensively about the importance of re-recruiting your teams, but the issues around bringing in new people remains a real challenge.

Many businesses – of course – head to the traditional recruitment agencies, but there’s a feeling – at least in the conversations I’m having – that there are concerns around churn and in some cases a lack of attention due to how busy recruiters currently are.

Caroline’s business offers something different – in essence – they come in and act as your own in house recruitment department. Working as part of your team, getting to know the intricacies, values and culture of your business and then going out to market to find suitable candidates.

I’ve already referred a couple of my clients and so far it seems to be going well, so I wanted to speak to Caroline and get a better understanding as to the benefits of this new approach to recruitment.

In this video, Caroline explains the benefits of using an outsourced recruitment department, including:

  • The ability to get to know your business and make sure that values and culture are matched during the recruitment process
  • Maintaining momentum and ensuring candidates have a great candidate experience
  • The benefits of a none-traditional recruiting fee model – paying for time spent rather than % of salary.

Well worth a watch and if you’re struggling with recruitment. You can get in touch with Caroline by emailing



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