Money, money, money – your employee wants a pay rise, how do you react?

If a member of  your team came to you and asked for a pay rise, what would your initial reaction be? Would you be happy they felt they could discuss options with you? Would you be open to a discussion about the possibility of more money? Or would you  – more likely – feel taken […]

All Agencies are Eating off the Same Plate

You know those budget holders within existing client businesses that you don’t work with but are desperate to get your hooks into? It’s those people who are really your client. One of the founders I work with recently lost a six figure account apparently out of the blue. They were told their work wasn’t on […]

Watch: Landlords & Leases – What You Need to Know

Andy Brow and Karron Whitter

My discussion with Karron Whitter of Clark Holt (recorded in September) couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time. As businesses struggle to decide what they need from their office space, the videos below cover everything you need to consider before entering a dialogue with your landlord. You can watch it in full, or skip to […]

Profit is not a dirty word – how agencies price

I listened to a recent webinar with Peter Czapp, co-founder of The Wow Company, twice. First with the usual open interest I have when exploring topics I know will be useful to my own clients, and then with much frantic scribbling and space bar bashing (pause, play, pause, play) in order to take as many […]

Agency retainers are not a thing of the past

agency retainers

Retainers remain important to the majority of agencies, but agency leaders reported a change in clients’ attitudes towards them. The responses showed that while retainers are slightly less common than they were (and can be for shorter periods), typically agencies are not seeing a negative impact on revenues. Some noted the prevalence of a wide […]

When should I fundraise?


Raising funds, either seed for your start-up or for Series A, B or C, is distracting and time consuming. What’s more, it’s an activity that usually falls outside company founders’ area of expertise, which means they often try to defer or avoid it. Consequently, entrepreneurs often ask us “when should I be fundraising?” The answer […]