WATCH: Triple your fees (or more) – how to charge for the value you create, not your time

This video is an event recording of the very first etc Advisory ‘Pot Noodle’. A 45-minute workshop and discussion for agency leaders/founders on changing their pricing strategy to charge for the value they create, rather than by time/hourly rate.

In this free, condensed 45-minute online workshop, I spoke with agency founders about how to triple their fees and gave some real life, recent examples about two agencies who now charge 3.5x more and 5x more for their same services.

I was also a delighted by the quality of the peer-to-peer chat that followed the presentation component. Lots of really valuable advice openly and freely shared amongst agency owners (we won’t be including that in the video I’m afraid, so if you want the really good stuff, you’ll need to come to the next one – join me on LinkedIn or sign up to Rambling On so you don’t miss it!).

What we covered:

• The Oliver Principle – why is it so difficult to ask for more?

• Real agency case studies showing progression to charging x3 and x5 more

• Two simple changes that will change the way you price

• Pricing on value, not time

• What might be holding you back

Without doubt, one of the biggest revelations comes when I work with clients work  on changing pricing strategy. Understanding the reasons why you price as you do and challenging those ideas has the ability to utterly transform your business. There is always someone out there charging more than you – who is paying that and why?

Look forward to seeing you on the next event.



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