Struggling to work with a colleague?

Struggling to work well with certain colleagues? Find yourself having the same issues time and again despite promises to change? If you identify yourself or a team member from the scenario below, then hopefully I have a few ideas which might make you reframe your approach and have more clear thinking to create a better, […]

How to: effectively lead contractors and full time employees

As a team leader, it’s easy to assume that all people working together on a project should be treated and managed similarly. But the reality is that full-time employees (FTEs) and contractors have different motivations, expectations, and backgrounds. Putting together the best talent to create an incredible workforce would appear to be a straightforward strategy […]

Watch: The power of process for agencies with Cat Navarro

Cat Navarro is the guru of process and COO of I was lucky enough to speak to her about how agencies can use process to accelerate and streamline their workflows, the importance of great process and some excellent examples on how to break down and tackle process work. Why would you need to do […]

How to make feedback your superpower (and a mini challenge)

I’ve been listening to the Beyond Busy podcast, hosted by Graham Allcott. If you haven’t delved into it yet, I’d really recommend it. An episode I listened to recently struck a chord, and I think it’s something worth considering for all agency leaders and founders. The topic? Giving regular, effective feedback. In this particular ep, […]

Changing your meeting culture – protocol for great meetings

This post came about following a conversation with a client of mine who was frustrated that his team were not as enthused as he would like on the usual Monday call. After some discussion, it became obvious that whilst the format of the Monday meeting had been set up (some time ago) to be a […]

Money, money, money – your employee wants a pay rise, how do you react?

If a member of  your team came to you and asked for a pay rise, what would your initial reaction be? Would you be happy they felt they could discuss options with you? Would you be open to a discussion about the possibility of more money? Or would you  – more likely – feel taken […]

Know Your Reds – How to Avoid ‘Crazy Busy’ and Triage Your To Do list

  I wanted to share this video – a TED Talk from Emergency Room Doctor Darria Long – that will make you rethink the way you behave about prioritisation and stress forevermore. So often I find myself speaking with ’crazy busy’ (and stressed) clients about how to use triage as a way to assess the […]