Just how biased really are you? Take these Harvard tests to find out

Be aware of the analogy around unconscious bias; Just because you know about it, doesn’t mean you are free from it. A really interesting and free way to check how biased you are is to take the Harvard Implicit Association Tests.  The Implicit Association Test (IAT) measures attitudes and beliefs that people may be unwilling […]

Turns out we didn’t like ASOS buying Topshop After All

When Topshop was acquired by ASOS, word from the fashion ecomms PR team was that this was GREAT news. But according to insight agency Freemavens, all was not as rosy as we were being led to believe. On a post shared on LinkedIn, Freemavens shared the social conversations on Twitter prior to, during and after […]

Book Review: The Go Giver by Bob Burg and John Mann

Go Givers will beat the self-obsessed Go Getters in the long run

Summary: A parable which reminds you that being genuine and engaged can lead to huge rewards. 7/10 Some business books a weighty tomes that promote a single, often self-evident, truth across hundreds of pages. This really engaging little book takes a huge idea and delivers the whole thing in under 100 (small) pages. A Go-Giver […]

When a butterfly flaps it’s wings

Milan LAd got off his backside

About four weeks ago (Sept 2018) I bumped into Milan Lad. He was standing outside Cannon Street station handing out CVs. “I’m looking for a job in Investment Banking. Can you help?” he asked as people walked past. He was smart & well-spoken and, most importantly, was clearly getting off his backside to make something […]

Gens X, Y & Z – an ABC

Generations X, Y & Z

You didn’t know we had a Generation Z now? Keep up at the back. We’re on our way back around the alphabet – that’s how far we’ve come in our desire to categorise broad cohorts of the population. So what? Who cares? Well, seemingly almost everyone I talk to: agency leaders bemoaning the entitled attitudes […]