Gens X, Y & Z – an ABC

Generations X, Y & Z

You didn’t know we had a Generation Z now? Keep up at the back. We’re on our way back around the alphabet – that’s how far we’ve come in our desire to categorise broad cohorts of the population.

So what? Who cares? Well, seemingly almost everyone I talk to: agency leaders bemoaning the entitled attitudes of Millennials (aka Generation Y)*; planners trying to create audiences; my kids putting the world’s woes firmly at the feet of the Baby Boomers** or Gen X just wondering round in a state of confusion.

Considering how much is written and spoken (and vlogged) about these cohorts, very few people have a firm handle on exactly what – or who – each of these generations covers. So I’ve taken it upon myself to create a handy guide for you. Characteristics are my own definitions.

I hope it proves useful.

* They aren’t all entitled. A large proportion of them are hugely motivated people.

** Correctly.


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