The great attrition. People are leaving their jobs, how are you dealing with it?

This brilliant article from McKinsey follows on from our recent article on re-recruiting your staff. It highlights the ongoing (and worrying) trend that a record number of employees are quitting or thinking about doing so.  More than 19 million US workers—and counting—have quit their jobs since April 2021, a record pace disrupting businesses everywhere.  The full article is […]

This is the moment you make your worst decisions

Things are taking longer to get done. Bl**dy remote working! This is what a very capable agency owner said to me recently. To expand: “It’s taking longer to get things done. Nothing is as easy as it was. Remote working just makes life difficult. I know people want flexibility, but I think I’m going to […]

Changing your meeting culture – protocol for great meetings

This post came about following a conversation with a client of mine who was frustrated that his team were not as enthused as he would like on the usual Monday call. After some discussion, it became obvious that whilst the format of the Monday meeting had been set up (some time ago) to be a […]

8 Top Tips for Creating Great Videos When You’re Not in a Studio

We spoke to George Owen, Founder of ITCH – an agency that creates compelling stories through film, animation and photography – to discover his tips for creating impactful videos and presentations when you’re working from home or unable to get into a studio. Be gone mundane talking heads. Whether you’re contemplating designing a company-wide preso […]

Introduction to Me – A ‘Nice-to-Know’ Onboarding Technique

There are plenty of stats out there to support the woefully obvious observation that onboarding is incredibly important for teaching and keeping the best people, but much of the process often relies on how much information a new employee can retain in the shortest period of time before they’re left to ‘get on with it’. […]

A practical guide to working remotely with all 16 personality types

As remote working is set to remain commonplace even after the Covid-19 pandemic subsides, rules around engagement and support of employees will need to be re evaluated. Face-to-face meetings and their associated body language, can often help leaders to find out more about their team, but timed Zoom meetings and the inability to see even […]

3 Ideas to Encouraging Collaboration and Tackle Isolation within Remote Teams

As the pandemic marches on, managers need to help their remote employees battle feelings of isolation. Not only that, the transition from instant to asynchronous communication (where you don’t expect an immediate response) is a huge hurdle for a lot of teams going remote – especially for those who have been used to working in […]