Busy is easy, thinking is hard – here’s an idea to help with the latter

I loved this cracking little idea to encourage founders to think about their business each day. Taken from the book ‘The Road Less Stupid‘, I came across it via an email from David Hieatt, Co founder of ‘Do Lectures’ and Hiut Denim (I’m a big fan of both).  Why prioritise ‘thinking’ when we’re already at breaking […]

Creating a perfect productivity system using pen & paper

Anyone who has had the pleasure of seeing my face (and the backdrop of books behind it) on a BlueJeans call will testify to my love of books. I’m often unapologetically thrusting new reads or interesting articles toward my computer camera or posting out books to those I think will enjoy or benefit from them. […]

KitKat has a point.

The 31st March marks a quarter of the way through the year. How many of you have taken holiday days so far? I’d guess not many. I too am guilty. Why take a break so soon after Christmas? Except Christmas was almost three months ago. Why take time off when there are few, if any, […]

Listen: Black Duck Eggs – The People Paid to Break Into Huge Companies

Better that an entire series of Homeland, I couldn’t stop listening to this episode from Dark Net Diaries, entitled ‘Black Duck Eggs’. In fact, if you like nothing more than stories or podcasts about hackers, breaches, shadow government activity, hacktivism, cybercrime, and all the things that dwell on the hidden parts of the network, then […]

8 Top Tips for Creating Great Videos When You’re Not in a Studio

We spoke to George Owen, Founder of ITCH – an agency that creates compelling stories through film, animation and photography – to discover his tips for creating impactful videos and presentations when you’re working from home or unable to get into a studio. Be gone mundane talking heads. Whether you’re contemplating designing a company-wide preso […]

Everyday experiments. Cool and creative ways to shoot using just your iPhone

Creatives amongst you will love this, and it’s well worth a forward to members of your team. The Everyday Experiments duo show how to capture incredible footage using just an iPhone 12. Balloons + Slo-mo, Oil + Water + Macro and Glow-sticks + Night mode. If you’ve got an iPhone12, there’s not a chance you […]

WATCH: Are you Being your Authentic Self from Monday – Friday?

Are you being your authentic self?

A revelatory conversation with a client this week (who also okayed this post) led me to record this short video on being your authentic self. We were discussing the restorative power of the Christmas break, and how he had become incredibly creative during the time ‘off” – writing children’s stories no less. The conversation progressed […]

10 Things that require zero talent

This is a postcard I produced for our team at agenda21 about 5 years ago. I found it in a box of old papers last year. When we were working on our values, I wanted everyone to start challenging their own attitudes about work and the way we behave. I had a version of the […]

Calendly: wonderfully effective or just plain rude?

The response to a recent post on Linkedin about the use of Calendly (a diary management app) was significantly more heated than I had expected. Is it the best and most effective way to manage our time, or will clients see it as just plain rude? Some really great thoughts to consider below (plus a […]

Giving ideas, legs. Plus an inspiring ‘daylight directive’ leadership example

The philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche wrote, “All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking”. I’d tend to agree. My newsletter, Rambling On, is as much about my love for walking as it is my penchant for a chat, so it felt only right to throw some light on the incredible benefits of walking (whilst talking) and […]