Our most loved articles of 2022

What a year it has been. In the last 12 months we’ve delivered 50 Rambling On emails and over 150 articles to our brilliant subscribers. We really hope you’ve found some value in the content, perhaps it has made you stop for a moment and think, maybe you’ve put into practice some of the ideas or exercises, and hopefully your pub banter has been enriched by our more curious pieces.

A huge thank you from me for allowing me to drop into your inbox each week (I know it gets busy in there!) and to everyone who has shared, commented or contributed to this year’s phenomenal content.

Here are the top ten articles from the year – the ones which got most people talking, elicited the highest response, or won the most clicks.

If you get a moment between the festivities, you might want to have a read of a few.

Have a very merry (and hopefully restful) Christmas and New Year. See you in 2023!

Our top ten articles of 2022

Stop making your best people manage people

Kill your meetings

Learn to say no whilst journaling the yes

Communicating the horizon

Reframing stress

An idea: Reverse Mentoring

To be leading to be learning

Choose a decision, don’t try to decide:

Assertiveness versus aggression

Completion and iteration


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