Getting a kick from OOO replies

Every two weeks on a Friday at 10:15am, my Rambling On email lands in subscriber inboxes.

As soon as it’s dispatched, my inbox starts filling with out-of-office replies. This response varies throughout the year—sometimes it’s a lengthy list, especially during holiday seasons, and other times, it’s much shorter. It’s fascinating to see how many people are away at any given time, a little detail that always catches my attention.

This influx of automatic replies does more than just inform me of people’s absence; it’s a reminder that my newsletter reaches real people with real jobs.

It lands in actual inboxes, stirring life into what might otherwise feel like a one-way communication.

Knowing that a significant portion of my audience engages with “Rambling On,” as evidenced by our high open rates, is exhilarating. Seeing the names of those who won’t be reading it immediately because they’re off work adds a tangible, human element to the experience.

Why am I sharing? Well, I think it’s a small but meaningful reminder of a connection we might otherwise forget is taking place; turning the intangible into something palpable. It made me wonder how many tasks we’re doing and how many things we’re sending out into the world that we forget might be having a real impact on someone’s day, or life? It makes me even more determined to keep finding great things to notice and share.


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