Winner of the Outstanding Non-Executive Director 2021

It’s always slightly awkward to announce that you’ve won an award, or at least it is when there’s isn’t a teammate who could casually do it for you, but nonetheless, I’m delighted to say that I’ve been announced as the winner of the Best Business Awards ‘Outstanding Non-Executive Director’ 2021.

The entry was based on evidence around my approach to advising clients, and the subsequent triumphs through what has been an exceptionally tough year.

A huge thanks to my clients for taking on some of my advice and then actually actioning it to make great things happen (it’s really down to them, but I’ll graciously take the award win regardless).

Here’s what the judges said…

Outstanding Non-Executive Director

Commenting on etc Advisory, the winner in the Outstanding Non-Executive Director category, the chairman of the judges said:

“Andy Brown, founder of etc Advisory, provides clear and sound advice to help UK business owners make better decisions and unleash potential for their organisations. He has helped many businesses in different industries who all faced similar challenges around Covid. By sharing their experiences and knowledge, it has helped clients navigate furlough and working from home; and source new commercial opportunities and diversify with new products and services. Well done to Andy for being a positive force in the pandemic and helping businesses to grow and achieve great results.”


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