WATCH: Are you Being your Authentic Self from Monday – Friday?

Are you being your authentic self?

A revelatory conversation with a client this week (who also okayed this post) led me to record this short video on being your authentic self. We were discussing the restorative power of the Christmas break, and how he had become incredibly creative during the time ‘off” – writing children’s stories no less. The conversation progressed and he mentioned that his wife had said that he ‘loses his personality from Monday – Friday’. Move past the ‘ouch’ moment, and I think there’s something bigger here that likely applies to lots of business leaders.

It led me to discuss with more of my clients how they felt going into the holidays, and whether they felt revived or in fact like they could do with more time off. The implication is that if you are working towards the Christmas break to restore yourself, then you are working towards exhaustion until that point. Can you really can build a sustainable, growable, powerful business if you have to reach a holiday to plug in like an electric car and restore? Could you be a better, more authentic version of yourself from Monday – Friday?

Have a watch, I hope there’s something you can take away from my ramble chat.





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