The £100,000 pencil

pencil paid search ad

I spent some of Bank Holiday Monday researching branded pencils (I know how to enjoy myself!!). Prices range from 6p to around one pound, with one outlier.

pencil paid search ad (via paid search) are offering a branded pencil for £99,999. Not only that, there is a minimum order quantity of 1000. So the minimum order would be a grand shy of £100 million. It does qualify for free delivery though, so I did think about it twice before moving on.

£100,000 branded pencil

Mind you, you could say they did better than some. At least this paid search ad went to the product. Time and again I came across ads that took me to the home page of the site (completely avoidable) or a “product can’t be found” page. You’d hope that PPC would be better than that by now.


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