Sharing is caring (well, sometimes)

A member of a team I work with recently shared a link to an article. “This is a good one“, he said.

That was it.

In time poor lives where your inbox can at times feel like someone else’s to do list, if you’re going to share you need to do more. I’ve definitely been guilty in the past of sharing articles and ideas that I’ve had the time to read and simply passing them on to a fellow curious friend. It’s been done with love, but well meaning shares can add extra pressure to an already busy schedule.

As your notes section fills up with book recommendations, article shares and podcast suggestions – a sense of failure and feeling unable to ‘keep up’ is likely not far behind.

When you choose to share something, make sure you include the following:

  • Why you’re sharing it
  • What you think people should do with it
  • The priority
  • And if you can, how long it might take to read.

When I’m putting together Rambling On, I always try to summarise why the article is important or interesting, so readers can pick and choose which ones might resonate or help them the most.

Sharing is caring, unless you’re just adding more, unprioritised, guilt-inducing crap to someone elses Don’t Forget (To Do) list.



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