#Scaryhour – A brilliant TikTok hack on facing the tasks you’ve been avoiding


Gorgeous gorgeous girls do Scary Hour #scaryhour

♬ original sound – Laur
How simple? How brilliant?

Everyone has tasks they put off. Those ‘impossible’ or ‘uncomfortable’ small things you know you should get round to but can’t quite face just now. So, here’s a simple way to overcome your anxiety-related procrastination… #Scaryhour

Here’s how it works:

  • Ring fence an hour each day – set your timer for 60 minutes
  • In that 60 minutes – do all the things you’ve been putting off (texting a friend back, saying ‘no’ to an event you don’t want to go to, watching your own content and listening to your own voice back, making your dentist appointment, making a doctors appointment, paying a bill)

Face the fear.

Shared with me by Kate Brown, Founder of MIMMO Studios – this brilliant TikTok video from @classiclaur is a brilliant way to face to create an achievable task each day to face all those things you’ve been avoiding due to anxiety.



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