Integrity pillars. Which ones resonate with you?

A brilliant way to explain integrity from The Conscious Group.
There’s a really worthy question worth asking here, which pillar of integrity is most important to you?

Emotional Intelligence

  • Welcome all authentic emotions as energy moving through you
  • Know what you’re feeling when you feel it – discriminate between thoughts and sensations
  • Express your feelings in a way that fully matches your experience
  • Get curious about what you can learn from your feelings
  • Be a space that allows others to fully experience and express all their feelings

Impeccable Agreements

  • Only make agreements you want to make, with clear definitions of ‘what’ and ‘when’
  • Keep the agreements you do make
  • Change agreements that aren’t working for you and clean up any broken agreements
  • Experience your agreements as a source of increased energy rather than burden

Healthy Responsibility

  • Take 100% responsibility for all of your experiences
  • Shift out of defensive postures
  • Be curious about how you are creating the results that are occurring in your life
  • Open up to learning from all experiences
  • Inspire others to take 100% responsibility for their experiences

Conscious communication

  • Listen with the intention of genuinely understanding the experience of the other person
  • Listen for accuracy, emotion and the deepest longing
  • Speak in a way that is unarguable – note that your perspective is always subjective
  • Make clear, direct request instead of generalised complaints
  • Commit to reveal and not conceal by expressing your authentic experiences, even under duress
The four pillars of integrity

Such a worthwhile read and worthy of some thought. What could you work on?



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