If your energy goes on chasing rainbows, you’ll never find gold – an insight

An incredible little insight from David Hieatt.

The takeaways as I see them…

1.) Tell the truth, not what you want people to hear

2.) Some things take time (lots of things, actually.)

An acorn visits a growth hacker.
It went seeking a quick win.
The initial consultation seemed to go well.
But at the end of the session, it was told to come back in 80 years.
The acorn was furious: ‘How dare you tell me the truth?’


We are all hard-wired to chase the quick win.
We love a tactic. We love a growth hack. We love a golden tip.
We try them.
All of ’em.
Some successful.
Most not.
But on the other side of trying these shortcuts is a real truth.
We learn there are no shortcuts.

‘All progress starts by telling the truth.’ Dan Sullivan.

Instead, there are timeless truths.
There are daily practices that lead to the results you truly want.

Every decision is a choice between timeframes.
Short term or long term.
Everybody wants to be rich.
But no one wants to save.
Essentially, are you willing to sacrifice today for what you most
want tomorrow?
The truth is most people aren’t.
The real problem with quick wins is people keep chasing them.
All their energy goes on chasing rainbows.
And they never find gold.

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did.



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