How is your leadership GPS working?

This brilliant post and graphic from David McLean, MA (Leadership) CHRL and The Conscious Collective Group asks some really thought-provoking questions and interpretations around above the line and below the line thinking. The premise is that at any point, a leader is either “above the line” OR “below the line”. If you are above it, you are leading consciously, and if you are below it, you are not. Recognising where you are is the fundamental skill of conscious leadership. 

You can also download the full list of statements, thoughts, and behaviors from The Conscious Leadership Group here.

Here’s the post and graphic:

  • How is your “leadership GPS” working?
  • What is your location in this “now moment”?

“Above the line” thinking:
👉🏿Above the line thinking is about being open and curious
👉🏿It’s being able to respond effectively and usefully in any given situation
👉🏿It’s about starting with an intention and then working out how you can actually bring it into play

Key questions to ask yourself:

1️⃣What are my responsibilities here?
2️⃣How can I accept what’s happening without blaming someone else?
3️⃣Where I can take ownership& accountability?
4️⃣How did I contribute to this?
5️⃣What could I be doing differently?
6️⃣How can I make a difference?
7️⃣How can I find a win/win?

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom” – Viktor Frankl

Always inspired by David’s posts.



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