Foreign Exchange Benchmark SIREN FX appoint Andy Brown as Non-Executive Director

Leadership coach and advisor, Andy Brown, has been appointed as a Non-Executive Director at SIREN FX, working with CEO, Paul Duprey, the Siren FX founders and the leadership team as they step up to become the leading force in foreign exchange benchmarking.

“It’s a pleasure to become part of the Siren FX team as Paul, the founders, and the leadership team continue to build a fully transparent, lower-cost alternative to existing FX benchmarks. SIREN FX gives asset owners and asset managers the transparency and tools they need to improve their decision-making, both in respect of the execution of their investment related foreign exchange activity and instructing their executing banks accordingly, while achieving compliance with industry codes of conduct. 

“With my previous experience advising and working with founders of tech firms and financial institutions, I’ll be providing an independent view for SIREN FX, and constructively challenging the team to help them create and implement a great strategy for growth.” 

CEO, SIREN FX, Paul Duprey added:

“Andy has provided insight and direction to the marketing and re-branding of the firm as we go through a period of transformational growth .  

This has directly led to the raising the profile of the firm, and the refocusing our activity by clearly defining the value proposition, and emphasising our key differentiators of being ethical, fair and transparent in a market which is often opaque”

SIREN FX has developed a transparent benchmark that can reduce price distortion in institutional foreign exchange markets. A distortion that may result in investment funds being regularly overcharged by between 10 and 50 times the price they had been expecting to pay. 

SIREN FX addresses this issue by offering a truly independent and transparent benchmark that can make substantial cost savings every year.

If you want to find out more, you can visit the SIREN FX website.


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