Finishing Week – Join Me

Finishing Week – Join Me

I’ve declared next week as a ’Finishing Week’ for me and my tiny team. That means we’ll be focusing on finishing things off and closing out projects and tasks that have been hanging around. I do this periodically and it means a great deal gets completed and cleared of my Do Not Forget list (you may still call this your To Do list.

Below are a few guideline I set myself to make finishing week more effective (but please be aware these might not be the guidelines that suit you and your business)

  • I don’t start any new projects during this week
  • I don’t start working with any new clients during this week
  • I resist the temptation to add things to my To Do (Do Not Forget) list
  • I avoid meetings that aren’t already in my calendar

The point is to focus down on the tasks that you’ve been meaning to push over the finish line. Leaders often push projects to a certain point of completion, but the final effort gets lost as new and more urgent work comes through.

I’d love you to join me if you can. And share how you are getting on. What are you getting done? What guidelines would you add?



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