Examples, Expand, Evidence – a simple technique for reviewing documents

An incredibly simple and effective technique I’ve been using to help when I’m reviewing a draft article. 

When I’m doing my read through, I simply drop one of these three words in as I go:  ‘Examples’, ‘Expand’, ‘Evidence’. By scrawling these simple words in the margins or as a note in a digital document I’m able to move through the entire document without getting caught up in the detail straight away.

Then I know I can come back and add the relevant content. 

Here’s how I would use them: 

Examples – some real world (perhaps anonymous) case studies or examples to illustrate the point I’m making

Expand – where I simply need to share more, give better guidance, or add more content. Often this includes frameworks, tools, and detail

Evidence – what provable evidence is there to back up my assertion? Are there papers or thinking I can use to clarify or prove a point. Do I need to find a statistic to underline my point? 

Very neat approach that is helping me a lot.

If you’re working in a team, sharing this ‘examples, expand, evidence’ technique is a great way to give top line feedback on a document, which your content creator / Editor can then go away and work with. 

Hope it’s helpful!



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