Every manager is one of these four types – which are you?

Some interesting findings from Gartner about the most effective manager types.

When Gartner studied manager effectiveness before the pandemic, they identified Connector Managers as the clear winners in building high-performing employees. They’ve now confirmed this manager type still outperforms — even in today’s stressful, disrupted times.

You can see the four manger types below, and read the full report here.

In summary, these were some of the most interesting findings:

  • Creating sustainable performers has the biggest impact on business performance
  • Sustainable performers were 17% more productive than other employees — and 1.7x more likely to stay at their organisation.
  • Teacher managers degrade sustainable performance, as they have been anchoring their guidance and coaching on past experiences that are no longer relevant to the current situation.
  • The Always-On Manager — which many organisations continue to favor — has no real impact on sustainable performance. We know providing more feedback and check-ins does not generate sustainable performance.
  • Cheerleader Managers have a marginally greater positive impact on their staff, which they achieve through sheer positive empowerment.
  • the Connector Manager improved employee performance by 26% and tripled the likelihood that their direct reports were high performers and boosts sustainable performance by as much as 45%.
  • Connectors have evolved the three critical connections; employee connection, team connection, and organisational connection

Which of the four types of manager do you identify yourself as?

The takeaway here is that to help your managers become Connectors, set expectations for managers, senior leaders and employees about their roles in creating a Connector organisation. And encourage managers to assess what traits and behaviors they can adopt to become Connectors.



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