etc is Hiring – Digital Marketing Manager (Part Time)

Role in brief:

Digital Marketing Manager (Fully Remote / Part Time) – 3/4 days per week (approx 16 hours)

Salary – up to £50,000 FTE (pro rata to agreed hours)

We’re looking for an experienced digital marketing professional to support our business development efforts with communications to our prospective and established audiences. Please note that knowledge and experience of HubSpot, CRM and marketing automation is essential for this role.

Working together with our Content Director, you will help us boost our newsletter readership, promote our ebooks and market our new programme of workshops using your expertise in email marketing, LinkedIn, promoting events and CRM.

The Skills

You are likely to be an experienced marketer with expertise in email marketing, LinkedIn, promoting events and CRMs. We’re flexible, because we know the ideal candidate will bring their own special talent to the role, but it is integral that you know how to use HubSpot to integrate lead generation and marketing automation.

Software Knowledge:

  • HubSpot (Essential)
  • LinkedIn including Sales Navigator (Preferred)
  • WordPress (Important)
  • Google Analytics


  • Email marketing (Essential)
  • Course and Event Marketing (Preferred)
  • B2B Marketing
  • CRM Management

Sound good so far? Here’s a little more detail around what we’d like you to do:

  • Know how to design and deliver holistic marketing strategies that raise our profile and feeds into our lead generation efforts, delivering and engaging prospects as well as driving conversion from start to finish
  • Be confident managing ‘owned’ channels including our website, newsletters and social media, to share thought leadership and updates in a way that truly engages 
  • Be able to demonstrate campaign impact – you’ll share performance reports and insights that can inform our future efforts
  • Help guide us by researching opportunities for us to raise awareness and source new prospects
  • Have an exceptional attention to detail and be ready to roll up your sleeves and take care of all our marketing activities

The Company

etc Advisory helps founders and leaders in creative, communications and service organisations grow the value of their business.

etc was created to arm founders and leaders in creative, marketing and service businesses with the confidence to back their own ideas. To unleash their agency’s potential.

We work with business founders to successfully shift from start-up to scale-up to grow-up phases by providing objectivity, experience and encouragement in pretty equal measure. Founded on the first day of lockdown, etc has thrived by providing encouragement, support and sometimes a gentle shove to founders and leaders in client companies. In addition, “Rambling On”, our highly actionable weekly newsletter has become widely read and is well regarded. We’ve recently launched a coaching initiative called “Clear Thinking” that will widen our audience.

The Role

We already have a Content Director who manages, edits and produces all of our content. We’re now looking for a Digital Marketing Manager to join the team, specifically to help us grow our weekly newsletter subscriber base, engage with our audience and promote Clear Thinking. 

You’ll do this through the distribution of our weekly newsletter, “Rambling On”; growing the subscriber base; managing the CRM system (HubSpot); connecting our content and LinkedIn activity to the email database and building the audience for our courses.

We believe the role can be delivered in around 16 hours a week. We’ll be very flexible about when you do the work – but would like you to be working on at least three/four days a week.

The role is 100% remote – we all work from where we do our best work – but we do like to meet up every now and again.

The salary will be up to £50k FTE (pro rata to agreed hours).

The Attitude

etc is a tiny company. So a great attitude is of real importance. We have one full time employee and a brilliant part time Content Director. We also work with a network of experts who bring specialist skills to the table when we need them. That’s the way we like it. So adding someone to the team is a big deal for us. To thrive at etc you’ll love working with a small team but also be self-motivated. You’ll trust your own judgement but know the right moment to ask for help. You’ll care passionately about your work but understand that work is just part of life. You’ll get as much joy from the success of others as you do from nailing your own brief. You’ll appreciate that targets give you the best opportunity to thrive rather than see them as a burden. You’ll be someone who rolls up their sleeves and gets things done (this is a job that is about deliverables).

To apply please email with your CV and cover letter. 

If you know someone who would thrive in a role like this, please do send them the details or forward the link to them. 


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