WATCH: Clear Thinking™ About Other People – An Introduction

In March 2022, transformative mindset coach, Rena Loizou and I will be launching Clear Thinking™ – a series of experiential, hands-on workshops or programmes designed to dramatically improve clarity, resilience, connection, and creativity and ultimately your impact at work and in your personal life.

Our first workshop, happening on March 11th, is entitled ‘Clear Thinking About Other People‘, and it is – at its core – extremely simple. It’s a realisation-based, experiential workshop designed to help you get clear thinking about the people you work with and spend time with, and will help you enhance, repair or recover relationships with your colleagues and other people in your life. 

In the video above, we will try to help you understand the unique nature of the workshop. In particular, how Clear Thinking differs from other traditional leadership ‘courses’.

Most of us are very used to corporate training and workshops – focused on learning a theory, technique or tools to prescribe better ways of thinking or feeling. These ‘traditional’ courses are things you need to use your intellectual, conceptual mind to understand and then go off and implement. We won’t be doing any of that during the Clear Thinking About Other People Workshop.

Experiential learning is really about becoming an explorer of the mind. Understanding the role of the mind in relation to other people and our relationships / how we communicate with each other. It’s quite practical. The workshop will unfold through conversations, exploring certain things and looking to see what we can see for ourselves. 

What? A one-day realisation-based workshop ‘Clear Thinking About Other People’

When? Friday, 11th March 2022

Cost: £250+ VAT – this is a heavily discounted rate only for attendees to the very first Clear Thinking About Other People workshop – all we ask in return is your honest feedback on your experience of the course.

How to book: simple email to express your interest

Please note: Numbers are strictly limited to retain the highly personal and experiential nature of the workshop.

The single biggest thing stopping you from having better relationships and leading a more fulfilling life is you. Specifically, the stories that you create about everything going on around you and how you respond to them. It’s your own thinking that’s holding you back. 

It’s this realisation that underpins Clear Thinking™. 

We’re not saying it’s easy, because you’ll need to work at it to get out of your own way more often. But once you recognise how your own thinking has been limiting your ability to achieve your potential, you’ll never look back. 

Creating Clear Thinking™ has without doubt been one of the hardest and most rewarding pieces of work I’ve set out to accomplish (I’ve had to get out of my own way more times than I can remember – thanks Rena Loizou for being so patient) but I seriously believe it’s a life-changing series of workshops.

Thanks for all the support so far and I hope you’ll come along and join us for what will be a remarkable, and life-changing workshop.



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