Boo! Evil! A very British culture war. Which of the seven types are you?

You can tell if a culture war is present by doing a quick test. Is anyone listening, or are they screaming? Does anyone want a solution? Culture war. It’s something that’s entertaining if you like your politics bloody, unserious and superficial, for it does not involve the desire to convince.  If you like war, or think you do, culture war is a drug.

This brilliant article quite thankfully explored – and concluded –  that British citizens are not so black and white, instead outlining the seven different ‘types’ of British citizen.

So which of the seven do you think you are? 

Backbone Conservatists

Optimistic of Britain’s future post Brexit. Keenly follows the news, mostly via traditional media. They are nostalgic, patriotic, secure, confident and relatively engaged with politics.

Progressive Activists

A vocal group. Politics is at the core of their identity. They seek to correct the historic marginalisation of people based on their race, gender, sexuality, or wealth.

Loyal Nationalists

Proud, patriotic, tribal, protective, threatened, aggrieved, and frustrated about the gaps between the haves and have-nots.

Civic Pragmatists

Care about others, at home or abroad. Turned off by divisive politics. They are charitable, concerned, exhausted, community-minded, open to compromise and socially liberal.

Disengaged Battlers

Feel they are just keeping their heads above water and blame the system for its unfairness. They are tolerant, insecure, disillusioned, disconnected, overlooked and socially liberal.

Established Liberals

Have done well and mean well towards others. They are comfortable, privileged, trusting, cosmopolitan, confident and pro market.

Disengaged Traditionalists

Value a well-ordered society and take pride in hard work. Want strong leadership that keeps people in line. They are self-reliant, patriotic, tough-minded, suspicious and disconnected.



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