Agency Issues – ‘If I put up my prices, my clients will leave’

I had quite the reaction to the recent pricing new business article, so much so I thought I’d dig out another chat I had with Quality of Mind authority Martin Palethorpe. We explored one of the most prominent issues for business owners, discussions with clients about pricing (in particular, the raising of them).

This is 15 minutes of brilliant insight into why you might have recurring dread about business pricing calls and, hopefully, it gives you some real takeaways on how you can ease client–pricing conversations.

We discuss:

–       Why you might feel uneasy about pricing conversations

–       How your own belief systems are likely triggering undue anxiety around pricing

–       How to shift your thinking to realise pricing conversations are not something to lose sleep over

–       The importance of quality client relationships – how well do your REALLY know what’s going on in their personal and business lives and why does it matter?

–       The likelihood you have created your own realities, truths and responses– none of which are based on ‘knowing’.

–       The concept of bravery when having perceived difficult conversations  – and the realisation it only exists alongside poor quality of mind

–       The liberation of making the call and dancing with whatever comes up

–       Finding quality of mind to ask the right questions – regardless how difficult the answers might be


If you’ve listened to my previous piece with Martin explaining Quality of Mind then you can skip directly to 4mins in to dive straight into the business pricing topic.

Please watch the video and like, share and add your thoughts below – I always enjoy hearing your feedback.



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