Hybrid working is working – creating productive digital spaces

This is an interesting (and short) article about how two firms are using Slack to make the digital experience for remote workers more consistent. As well as offering tempting ‘out of work’ experiences to encourage teams back to the physical workplace, there’s a twist, as leaders try hard to create equally fun but also productive parallel digital spaces.

Thank you to Augi Woo who shared this with me.

A word of warning – this is a Slack-heavy article and comes from a Slack partner, but these are still valid points and worth a scan.


A couple of points that jump out for me:

  • Working a few days a week from the office feels like it’s becoming the norm
  • Coordinating office time using tech for diary management is essential so that people get a good experience
  • Turning up to the office and being alone is a significant demotivator and impacts attitude towards coming in to the office
  • Younger staff can struggle to find space to work from home
  • FOMO is still a great driver – I recall our monthly “Round The Kitchen Table” when I was MD of an agency. It was a ‘mustn’t miss’ back in the day – you need that kind of feeling with hybrid workers coming in to the office
  • Office layouts are changing with more breakout space and quiet working areas prioritised over open-plan
  • Tech is being rationalised: fewer platforms but with more flexibility of use



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