The Podcast Report – trends and information

Podcasts have changed the way we consume information in a mind-boggling way.

There has been a 110% increase in podcast shows YoY (The Podcast Index, 2022 vs April 2021) and we’re set for 300,000 years-worth of listening in 2022 (Simplecast Internal Analytics 2021, based on 3.5M downloads). In terms of spend, according to AdsWizz Platform, Ad Spend by Impressions, Jan 2021–Dec 2021, there has been a 157% increase in ad spend by impressions in 2021 on Podcasts.

Brand new listeners are flocking to podcasting every. single. day. And because of this, the overall audience profile has shifted: they’re younger, more diverse, and ready to podcast-hop. With a fresh attitude toward ads and content, this next generation is almost single-handedly accelerating the evolution of modern podcasting.

This brilliant report from SMX Media identifies some key metrics and trends happening in the podcast space. You’ll need to register to download it, but it’s a really worthwhile piece of content if you’re wondering about the value of podcasting and what people really want from their podcasts.

Here are some of the key trends:

  1. There’s a new listener in town

2. Escapism for the win

3. Independents rule

Other trends and information include:

  • How creators are monetising their podcasts
  • How niche categories are rising to the top
  • Which industries are the biggest spenders on ad budget in podcasts
  • The shift in media spend to podcasts
  • Most Targeted Contextual Audiences
  • Untapped audiences waiting to be monetised in podcasts
  • Podcasting campaigns – how advertisers are becoming more creative.

It’s worth a read if you’re looking to build a podcast, monetise a podcast you’re already recording, or if you’re a business responsible for your clients media spend.



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