25 ½ Ways to Get Things Done

I’ve definitely experienced the frustration of starting a project but struggling to see it through to completion. Whether it’s a side-project or a skill we aim to acquire, staying motivated and productive can be a challenge, especially when it comes to being creative.  

I really enjoyed this article from London and Amsterdam-based communications agency, KesselsKramer, who shared 25.5 unique tips (based on their 25.5 years of experience) to help conquer that project you’ve been struggling with.

I’m summarised below, but you can read the full article here. 

  1. Do something or do nothing: Sometimes, stepping away from a project and doing nothing can create the necessary space for new solutions to emerge. Embrace the in-between state and allow your mind to wander.
  2. Be childish: Questioning the ordinary and embracing a childlike curiosity can lead to fresh perspectives and creative answers. Remember that we are all amateurs in life, and that mindset can remove boundaries in your creative work.
  3. Turn up the volume: Instead of settling for just meeting expectations, aim to exceed them. If a project allows for multiple iterations, why not create more than necessary and deliver excellence.
  4. Try not to cry: Sometimes things may get tough, but stay resilient and keep moving forward.
  5. Get it done by letting it be: Creativity cannot be forced. Allow ideas to simmer and take breaks when needed. Surprisingly, the best ideas often emerge when you least expect them.
  6. Thoroughly check your exports: Ensure your work is error-free before sending it to the client. Get a peer to review your work if possible. 
  7. Write it down: If someone dismisses your idea but you strongly believe in it, write it down and save it for later. You never know when it might come in handy. I have a huge list of ideas, projects and articles that I think might inspire me. 
  8. Be nice: Building positive relationships and treating people with kindness is essential for getting things done.
  9. Don’t be nice: Sometimes, being a bit stubborn and assertive is necessary to achieve your goals. Maintain fairness throughout the process. 
  10. You gotta kill a lot of darlings: In the creative process, it’s crucial to let go of ideas or elements that are not serving the project’s overall vision. Embrace the necessary sacrifices.
  11. Mix up your environment: Adapt your surroundings to suit your needs. Find the right ambiance, whether it’s energetic music or serene silence, to create an optimal working environment.
  12. Make it bitesize: Break down overwhelming projects into manageable tasks. Tackle them one by one and enjoy the satisfaction of ticking them off your list.
  13. Always take lunch breaks: Give your brain a break and recharge during lunchtime. Step away from your desk, explore, and reset your mind.
  14. Work smarter: Productivity is not just about the number of hours you put in. Focus on quality work by allocating your energy efficiently.
  15. Find your zone: Discover the conditions that help you focus and enter a state of flow. Whether it’s specific music, ambient sounds, or silence, create an environment conducive to concentration.
  16. Bend the rules: Occasionally, bending the rules can lead to breakthroughs. Be willing to take risks and apologize if necessary.
  17. Don’t try to be smart: Avoid using complicated jargon to appear knowledgeable. Instead, focus on simplifying complex ideas and communicating effectively.
  18. Let it ferment: Allow ideas to incubate and develop over time. Avoid rushing into execution and give yourself the space to explore different possibilities.
  19. Call your mum: Seek support from loved ones who believe in you. Sometimes, a conversation with a supportive person can provide the motivation and encouragement you need.
  20. Find some quiet: Allocate uninterrupted time for deep concentration. Embrace solitude to tackle challenging tasks that require focused attention.
  21. Do it for yourself: Remember your personal motivations and passion. Even when external factors don’t go your way, keep working on projects that resonate with you.
  22. Find people who can do the things you can’t: Collaborate and learn from others. Offer your skills in exchange for theirs, and remember that asking for help is not a burden.
  23. Get into the details: Pay attention to processes and adhere to the necessary rules and guidelines.
  24. Go to the pub: Sometimes, stepping away from work and gaining a fresh perspective can make all the difference. Take breaks and allow yourself time to relax and recharge.

Is there anything else you would add?



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