Why is it easier to give than to ask?

A thought from Michael Neill on why psychologically we find it easier to give than to ask.

There’s a two-part question I often ask people on sales and business building trainings:

  1. Would you find it easier to walk into a room and try and get a million dollars from the people in the room for a worthy cause or to try and give away a million dollars to those people for a worthy cause?
  2. Why?

Almost everyone chooses giving away money as the easier of the two, but people struggle a bit more with the “why”. Here’s what I’ve seen:

It’s harder to ask for money than give it away because we invariably make asking about us and giving about them.
That is, when money comes into the equation we lose sight of what’s on offer for them and get overly focused on what’s in it for us. This tends to make us self-conscious, which in turn blinds us to the opportunities all around us.

It’s worth reading this a couple of times I think.

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