Generations X, Y & Z

Gens X, Y & Z – an ABC

You didn’t know we had a Generation Z now? Keep up at the back. We’re on our way back around the alphabet – that’s how far we’ve come in our desire to categorise broad cohorts of the population. So what?

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It's good to let your mind go blank

My mind has gone blank

Years ago, when I was still a planner, I worked with a brilliant Creative Director called Sedge… He consistently nailed the brief and produced exciting work that made my job easy. I’d share his ideas with my clients and take

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talking is good for your business

It’s good to talk

I’ve noticed a bit of a pattern in my last few meetings. Agency leaders don’t talk to each other. They chat, they discuss business, they make plans… …they hire & fire, they have meetings, they win & lose pitches, they drink

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culture is not a fussball table

Ignore your agency culture at your peril

A healthy agency culture is critical – so why do you neglect it? What came first, the culture or the foosball table? Was it the attitude of the founder that created an approach that spawned a business or once the

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