agency retainers

Agency retainers are not a thing of the past

Retainers remain important to the majority of agencies, but agency leaders reported a change in clients’ attitudes towards them. The responses showed that while retainers are slightly less common than they were (and can be for shorter periods), typically agencies

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sales problems keeping you awake

What keeps agency owners awake at night?

During an Agency Sales Transformation workshop in 2019 (when I was at Waypoint Partners), led by Partner Lisa Mandell, we asked a dozen agency leaders what sales challenges were keeping them awake at night. We dealt with each in turn

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When should I fundraise?

Raising funds, either seed for your start-up or for Series A, B or C, is distracting and time consuming. What’s more, it’s an activity that usually falls outside company founders’ area of expertise, which means they often try to defer

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Milan LAd got off his backside

When a butterfly flaps it’s wings

About four weeks ago (Sept 2018) I bumped into Milan Lad. He was standing outside Cannon Street station handing out CVs. “I’m looking for a job in Investment Banking. Can you help?” he asked as people walked past. He was

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negativity bias

You can’t help being negative

Do you want the good news or the bad news? The fact is that whichever you choose, it’s the bad news that you are most likely to remember and act on. That’s because we’ve evolved to respond far more strongly

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Founders must become leaders

How Founders become Leaders

5 ways founders need to change as leaders when their agency starts to grow. When you start a business with someone else you all tend to adopt roles. I don’t mean the tasks we pick up, I mean behavioural roles.

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