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Great leaders are accessible

Leaders lead. Find your way to be available to anyone. Be visible and be accountable. With change comes new thinking and uncertainty. So, what feels like opportunity to you, might feel disquieting for your team. Great leaders find lots of

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pencil paid search ad

The £100,000 pencil

I spent some of Bank Holiday Monday researching branded pencils (I know how to enjoy myself!!). Prices range from 6p to around one pound, with one outlier. AllBranded.co.uk (via paid search) are offering a branded pencil for £99,999. Not only

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CEO, Web Solutions Agency

It’s been great working with you – in short we’ve loved having you on board and you felt like an extension of the team. It’s safe to say you’ve helped us a huge amount.

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MD, Media Agency

We used Andy to train and develop the senior client-facing leaders on developing commercially  curious conversations. This has paid dividends … in a difficult economic environment

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