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  1. Thanks for this Andy. At our place we have around 100 people people working from home and we have a whole programme of activities designed to help people manage and continue to feel part of a team effort. Mental health is a concern and we have implemented each of these 3 suggestions but I wanted to share some others.
    One of the issues we have picked up is that as remote workers, people cant have ad-hoc catch ups as they walk by a colleagues desk and so if they want to chat about something they are now setting up a meeting instead and making appointments to make a phone call. The spontaneity has gone and there are now loads more meetings in the diary leaving people no time to complete work tasks. To get around this we have introduced protected periods (Wed afternoon or Friday mornings) where no diary meetings are allowed and everyone is available and we encourage everyone to use the phone – like the old days!
    We are lucky enough to be able to use a budget to have external experts running weekly classes for staff such as Wednesday Yoga, Friday quizzes and even a magician to help spice up virtual end of month drinks.
    We have a drop-in clinic where our staff well-being rep encourages anyone to log in for a chat. Another idea is a mystery fact competition, where everyone provides a unique fact to the host and there’s a prize to the person who finds out the most facts from their colleagues, which can only be done in 1-1 conversation – no emails allowed.
    Just wanted to share!

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