Re-recruiting your team – tips on how to reward and retain your employees

We spend a lot of time and effort recruiting in business, but recruitment efforts are worthless if your company is a revolving door for employees. Once you make great hires, it’s more important than ever to keep showing those individuals why they should want to work at your company. You need to keep winning them over. The […]

On not minding what happens (a thought-provoking piece)

Eventually, in virtually every spiritual and religious tradition, you’ll encounter the same advice when it comes to time: that we’re better off confining our attentions to the present moment than struggling to manipulate what’s coming next. “Trying to control the future is like trying to take the master carpenter’s place” cautions one of the founding […]

Boo! Evil! A very British culture war. Which of the seven types are you?

You can tell if a culture war is present by doing a quick test. Is anyone listening, or are they screaming? Does anyone want a solution? Culture war. It’s something that’s entertaining if you like your politics bloody, unserious and superficial, for it does not involve the desire to convince.  If you like war, or […]

How to make feedback your superpower (and a mini challenge)

I’ve been listening to the Beyond Busy podcast, hosted by Graham Allcott. If you haven’t delved into it yet, I’d really recommend it. An episode I listened to recently struck a chord, and I think it’s something worth considering for all agency leaders and founders. The topic? Giving regular, effective feedback. In this particular ep, […]

WATCH: Are you Being your Authentic Self from Monday – Friday?

Are you being your authentic self?

A revelatory conversation with a client this week (who also okayed this post) led me to record this short video on being your authentic self. We were discussing the restorative power of the Christmas break, and how he had become incredibly creative during the time ‘off” – writing children’s stories no less. The conversation progressed […]