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The fundamental principles of etc were developed over a twenty-five year period as a founder, agency head, working in agency leadership teams and as an advisor and coach to agency leaders.

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I thrive when working with enthusiastic and audacious people. People who want to create change. I’ve trained in Quality of Mind, so my straight talking comes from a place of honesty and care. My coaching approach is based on the Co-Active principles. Despite the grey hair, I find a way to relate to both young talent and experienced leaders. Clients tell me that this skill brings a unifying energy to agency teams.

I hate being late, I love analogies and metaphors and I’m fascinated by the way people behave. I firmly believe that the journey is as important as the destination. I have been referred to in the past as “Clarity Brown” and those who work with me would know that I really am irritated when people confuse responsibility with accountability. It is possible that I have an addiction to whiteboards.